Cultural Strategy

The Arranyinha Cultural Strategy service is designed to assess the core of your business, including governance, policy and strategies, through a First Nations cultural lens. We identify the cultural impact, cultural intelligence and cultural respect of your organisations systems, processes and procedures. By primarily focussing on the strategic operations of a business, it aims to:

Educate through the identification of the work you currently do or intend doing that impacts on First Nations people and communities, as well as looking at the engagement, attraction and interaction of Traditional Owners and First Nations people in the wider population;

Inspire by identifying creative, innovative and culturally impactful opportunities, that are individual to who you are and what you do, for your business or board to action;

Empower you with the tools, training and strategy for you to develop a cultural respect framework based on collaboration between you and your local First Nations community.

The audit focusses on the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Systems
  • Programs/Services
  • Cultural Respect
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We acknowledge the First Nations people of the continent of Australia as the Original Owners of their lands and country. We pay our respects to elders past, present and the future leaders of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nations. We pay our respects to and acknowledge the cultural authority of Wadawurrung Traditional Owners of the Land on which Arranyinha lives, learns, works and plays.