Arranyinha Pty Ltd is an Aboriginal owned and operated business. It has been built on a foundation of First Nations knowledge, wisdom and culture coupled with 30 years of knowledge, skill and experience in the government sector.

We focus on strategic planning and systems change, as this is where the decisions are made and the policy designed that shapes your work, your business.

Its not only the foundation of your business but also the most senior leadership layer, so by building a First Nations cultural lens and principles into the strategic practice of your organisation means that no matter who is leading from the top, they remain.

Marsha Uppill

Proud Adnyamathanha Woman, Marsha Uppill is the Co-Founder and Director of Arranyinha Pty Ltd. Arranyinha in Marsha’s birth name and means first born woman of her mother in Adnyamathanha Ngawarla (language). Marsha now lives with her family on Wadawurrung Country in Djilang (Geelong, Victoria).

With 30 years’ experience working across the tiers of government, community, and industry, Marsha brings a unique two worlds cohesive approach to strategic and systems change, Aboriginal affairs, social inclusion, workforce planning and reform, and governance.

Marsha’s ethos is cultural respect at the core which creates a foundation built on self-determination, collaboration and communication. She is able to connect, engage and inspire you to become part of the change in the present to positively impact the generations to come.

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Nick Uppill

Nick is a Life Coach, who has mentored adults and led youth groups, and is able to bring another perspective to a situation, concept or system which inspires and motivates change and compassion.

Having been an owner operator of his own successful business for almost a decade, Nick completes the Arranyinha team with his strong business management, evaluation and customer service background.

He loves extreme sports, bush walking and becoming one with the country, nature and ocean.

Nick and Marsha met in their teen years and their lifelong love and journey together has seen the strengthening of this formitable, determined, culturally centred partnership that will impact generational change.

Arranyinha Story in Artwork

Artwork Story

The artwork created by Ammie tells the story of Arranyinha’s vision. The Eucalyptus Tree signifies strength, growth, generational determination to live long and last, to bring life, to speak life, to acknowledge the before, the now and the to come.

The Water signifies the lifeline of country, connecting us, giving us life through refreshment and clarity, like blood that flows through our veins, connecting all our major organs, the water is our country’s life line.

The Eucalyptus leaves represent healing, hope, peace. As they touch the water, it provides the healing into our life line.

The gathering and eucalyptus leaves signifies our opportunity and potential to be empowered to come and be part of the healing, to speak life, to impact change.

The meeting place signifies the campfire that we can come and sit at to learn, to teach, to share, to grow.

The smaller circles that flow through the middle of the artwork represent the First Nations and many nations of people that will come together with Arranyinha for generational change, for inspirational impact, for collaboration and to continue the journey of the healing for our Nations.

Artwork & Artist – Ammie Howell

Ammie is a Penangke Skin woman from the Arrernte people, Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Her dreaming comes from the Ntyarlke (Caterpillar). She was born and raised on Wathaurong Country, Geelong Victoria and lives here still with her partner, a Bundjalung man, and their 6 young children.

Ammie began painting in her early 20’s alongside her mother and mother in-law. Her works have been sold Australia wide. She has donated many pieces to raise money for cancer research, donations to provide sporting opportunities for young people and has worked within schools to teach children about her Culture and Art. Several Sporting clubs have also had Ammie’s artworks on their Guernsey’s for Reconciliation Rounds.

Ammie is a contemporary Aboriginal Artist who uses patterns, colour, shape and design to create paintings that portray a sense of country, culture and self.

We acknowledge the First Nations people of the continent of Australia as the Original Owners of their lands and country. We pay our respects to elders past, present and the future leaders of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nations. We pay our respects to and acknowledge the cultural authority of Wadawurrung Traditional Owners of the Land on which Arranyinha lives, learns, works and plays.